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A shield against changing global tides

Supply chains are being tested and brand owners are finding it harder to free up the cashflow they need to secure large inventory buys.

With our unique inventory funding model, online brands can free up cashflow to spend on growth, marketing and other expenses during Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holidays.

Protection against changing global tides.

Equity-free capital

Don't think about trading your precious equity dollars for cashflow. At Clearbanc, we'll analyze your business, ask you a few questions, and make sure you get what you need to lock in your inventory purchases.

Customer Spotlight
“Because I have access to Clearbanc funds, I’m able to pay for my Q4 inventory upfront and invest in the marketing needed to successfully launch new product lines.”
Johane Porsenna, Founder of Chic Couture.

For years, Chic Couture founder Johane Porsenna scaled Chic Couture and re-invested profits in marketing. But with so many suppliers now requiring 100% payment upfront she needed a way to secure high-quality inventory for Q4 without compromising her marketing budget and Q3 cash flow.

With Clearbanc, Johane pays international vendors in full and confidently avoids inventory issues that might impede Q4 sales.

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Are you an ecommerce business or online retailer?

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By founders,
for founders

Clearbanc's mission is to help founders grow their business with fast and affordable growth capital.

We don't take equity, there are no personal guarantees, and no financial covenants. We are true investors, we are in this with you.

Clearbanc by the numbers

Clearbanc has invested in ~2,000 online brands…
We are on track to invest $1 billion into 2,000 companies by the end of the year.
Across 43 states in America

Our predictive machine learning diligence is able to tailor our offers so that companies don't take too much, or too little capital. Clearbanc is just right.


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